The Cedar Sinai Centre helps youth in trouble with guidance and educational programs. The centre’s unique approach allows youth to study, analyse and formulate programs that cater to the common problems that take them to the streets. With supervision from the capable staff at the centre, the youth will learn how to develop projects and programs that focuses on their problems. Our feature program and institutional slogan – Throw Away Violence, TOV- aims at giving youth the tools to pave their way back into society.

Senior drop-in centre of Cedar Sinai Centre will give our senior citizens an engaging time at the centre. Senior will be able to join either several clubs including entertainment club where they can leisurely enjoy a quite time playing cards, chess and similar past time activities. They can also join the light exercise club where they will have the opportunity to stretch and meditate or they can be members of the book club. Senior will also have the opportunity to have engaging seminars and learning opportunities. They can choose their topics of discussion and invite individuals capable of delivering seminars.

The centre presents a unique opportunity for the senior citizens to feel active and useful. The can volunteer at the centre in various capacities such as homework help, tutoring and with also mentoring the youth. They can also volunteer to help in the office and at the various events.

The centre also touts a tutoring and homework help centres. Children from grades 8 and up can come to these centres to meet qualified staff and volunteers who can help them with their homework and any other learning problems they may have. The centre has a number of exceptionally bright university and high school students who will share their experiences and who can tutor and help those who have any learning issues.

Come and see what the centre can do for you and your family.


Tell: (647) 748-8773
Fax: (647) 748-8774
Address: 2103 Weston Road, Etobicoke, Ontario M9N 1X7
Email: ruth@cedersinaicentre.com

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