Diriye Osman – Fairytales for Lost Children

‘A Night of Fairytales’: An Audience With Diriye Osman – If you are in or around London you need to attend this event at the Poetry Cafe…..

Diriye Osman is a Somali-born, British short story writer whose debut collection of stories ‘Fairytales For Lost Children’ has already garnered praise from the iconic musician, Meshell Ndegeocello, feminist graphic novel genius, Alison Bechdel, African literary lion, Nuruddin Farah, and editor extraordinaire, Ellah Allfrey, who noted in The Telegraph that ‘My excitement over Osman and his writing comes, in part, out of delight at the impossibility of categorisation’.

In an intimate evening of storytelling, Osman will be performing dramatic snippets from ‘Fairytales For Lost Children’ interspersed with anecdotes in his infectious, trademark style. This event is brought to you by the groundbreaking LitCrawl series, which took root in San Francisco, and is now rocking it London-stylee!

WHAT: A Night of Fairytales: An Audience With Diriye Osman.

WHERE: Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton Street, London WC2H.

WHEN: Saturday 7th September 2013. 6 – 6.30pm.


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